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Give Something Back

The Ocean and it’s waves, the magic of travelling, salt on your skin, sand between your toes, friendship, happiness and just being free, are all wonderful things that I link to Surfing. After travelling to many places around the world and seeing how bad we treat our planet earth, I choose to have a more and more “socially and environmentally aware”, lifestyle.

Therefore Surf ‘n’ Scratch is collaborating e.g. closley with the “Watervan Project” from Spain, who are supporting communities who are in need of clean drinking water and therefore implementing waterfilters for them. Last year they were travelling 6 Months through south America helping many villages in various countries and putting a smile on a lot of peoples’ faces!

With every map sold social projects like the Watervan Project are funded  with 10 % of the Retail price.


We use 100% ecologically based FSC- Certified paper.


FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council Certification 

Guarantees that the paper originates from wood harvested in exemplary, environmentally friendly forestry operations. It stands for the only internationally valid and recognised quality

seal for environmentally responsible forestry.


EU Ecolabel:

The EU Ecolabel – the only pan-European environmental label – is a voluntary scheme launched in 1992 to encourage the production and consumption of green products and services across the European Union.


Our tags and packeging rolls are made out of 100% recycled paper. We use lids made from LD-PE (Polyethylen plastic) which is  re-usable and recyclable.