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  • High Quality A2 (17″ x 24″) mat coated print
  • FSC® certified 150 g recycled paper 
  • 90 scratchable surfbreaks
  • Informative Legend with details to what sort of Surfbreak it is:
    Do you prefer to surf a Beachbreak rather than a Reefbreak? Check out the Avg. Max Water Temperature of the region and the closest Airport to travel to!
  • Easy frameable – Get a standard frame and make it look even nicer on your Wall
  • Track your Surftrips and with it the memories and experiences of a “hang loose” time!
  • Language of packaging and map in English
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The Surf ‘n’ Scratch Map is the first of its kind. It lets you “scratch off” 90 of the major surfspots around the Atlantic Ocean in Europe (France-Spain-Portugal). Once a spot is scratched off, a vibrant orange colour under each Surfbreak reveals the spots where you surfed. In the Legend you can check what sort of Break it is, check the average max water temperature in the area, or which major airport is the closest to the surf.

Made with love and passion for “surfdudes & dudettes “or ones who may wanna become a surfer!


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